Roasting pigs come mostly from Midwest family farms where producers take tremendous pride in raising the highest quality meat in environmentally friendly conditions.


T.O.S Quality Market is proud to offer you premium quality; USDA federally inspected WG Whole Roasting Pigs.  We are your #1 source for premium quality roasting pigs from the #1 harvester & processor of premium corn-fed roasting pigs in the United States.  Roasting pigs can be a mix of pure and cross bred.  The pigs primarily have white colored skin.

Our business and our harvester are located in the heart of the U.S. where Iowa is the #1 pork and corn producing state.

Our location and roasting pigs supplied from WG (the #1 harvester of premium roasting pigs in the U.S.) allows us to keep cost low and pass on that savings directly to our customers.

Roasting pigs are available raw and frozen , in vacuum sealed (smaller,10-50 pound pigs) or poly bagged when over 50 lbs.  Pigs size start from 10 lb. suckling to 130 lbs.