• Clarkesville, Georgia

70 Year History

Allan Ryan founds Ankony Angus in 1935

Ankony Angus was founded in 1935 by New York businessman, Allan Ryan. Ryan was Chairman of the board of the company his grandfather had founded in 1904 - Royal Typewriter Company. This practical man was dedicated to excellence in all endeavors. His purchase of 10 Briarcliff Angus heifers from his neighbor, Myron Fuerst, in the midst of the depression for $150 each, initiated a shot that has echoed around the cattle world for the last six decades.

Ryan formed a partnership with Lee Leachman in 1948. The partnership formed between the two men a year later set the stage for a purebred operation never before seen in Angus history.

From the start, the Ankony breeding program became a lesson study in animal genetics and management. The cow herd grew to a collection of unparalleled productive cow families from which the top end were never priced, sold or shown.

Ankony bulls came to be looked upon as individuals with their own identity, description and uniqueness. The prefix "Ankonian" became synonymous with herd bull power, transmitting individuality as well as value to their progeny.

Chicago International

During the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the Chicago International became the Ankony display case. Easily the world's most competitive and meaningful Angus show, Ankony bulls laid claim to more championships and class winners in this prestigious show than the next three competitors combined.

Ankony's show ring achievements were rivaled only by corresponding results in the sale ring. Ankony's sales were record setting events as leading breeders from throughout the world eagerly sought to own the Ankony product.

Ankony Farms Disperses and Expands Angus Breed in the Western States

In the summer of 1966, shocking news hit the press - Allan Ryan and Lee Leachman would dissolve their partnership with the Ankony dispersion scheduled for October 13, 14 and 15. But prior to that breaking news, the owners of Ankony and master breeder Myron Fuerst were working out a plan for the Ankony name and its famous tradition to carry on. Seeing the need to be closer to the exploding expansion of the breed in the western states, Ankony purchased the Clayton Jennings' Hyland Angus Ranch near Highmore, S.D.

As expected, the Ankony dispersion shattered all sales records, grossing over $2.6 million on 66 bulls and 580 females. The event was a fitting tribute to men who had dreamed the impossible dream in the Angus cattle genetics and achieved their goal.

Now it was time to meet new challenges. The Ankony herd felt right at home in the West. The Ankony show herd continued the winning tradition with several successful outings at the National Western Stock Show, claiming championships both on the hill and in the yards.

Performance became the order of the day. Ankony began weighing all calves at birth, weaning and yearling, initiating one of the most complete information systems in the beef industry. The serious business of cattle breeding became even more intense at Ankony as they sensed the need for change to meet industry needs. Commercial men were demanding larger framed, more efficient cattle than had been the order of the day in years past.

The study of carcass traits and performance led them to the Emulous line, and more specifically to the Murray Corbin herd at Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The herd was purchased in its entirety in 1969.

Equity Funding of California

In 1969, Ankony was purchased by Equity Funding of California. Ankony now had units at Highmore, S.D.; Bloomfield, Iowa; Nursery, Texas; and Grand Junction, Colo. From these divisions came the Grand Champion Bull at the 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974 National Western Stock Shows.

Ankony is Sold in 1975

1975 brought about the sale of Ankony once again, this time to international industrialist Dr. Armand Hammer, founder of Occidental Petroleum. Dr. Hammer knew the value of the Ankony herd and wasted no time in purchasing it. The name "Ankony Shadow Isle" was christened, and the Ankony program was full speed ahead.

The winning ways of the Ankony show herd continued in Denver on the hill and in the yards through the 1980s. A strong commercial bull market in the West strengthened their position. Typical of the Ankony tradition, a major move was coming.

1982 Brings Quality Herd Bull

In 1982, in search of a herd bull of unique merit and pedigree, Dr. Hammer became interested in the much publicized Auburn Test Station champion, Lovana, owned by Virgil Lovell, Clarkesville, Ga. This intensely bred Emulous bull carried a heavy concentration of Murray Corbin blood whose herd Ankony had purchased nearly 15 years before. Lovana was purchased from the Georgia firm for a record valuation of $1.35 million. It has proven time and time again to be one of the wisest investments Ankony Angus ever made. Lovana indeed followed in the footsteps of his predecessor, Ankonian Dynamo, with blanket acceptance throughout the breed.

The further emphasis of total performance through the 1980s really propelled the Ankony program to the forefront. With such large contemporary groups, Ankony's AHIR information began a database second to none in the beef industry. Ankony became one of the first herds to effectively use EPDs as a means of herd evaluation and through Ankony's cooperative efforts with Texas Tech University, ultrasound became an additional tool in identifying the superiority of Angus seedstock.

Dr. Armand Hammer Passes Away

In December 1990, the world lost one of its most influential leaders and dedicated Angus breeders with the death of Dr. Armand Hammer. The Ankony herd was to remain intact as Virgil Lovell, a Georgia cattleman-businessman, stepped forward and fulfilled a boyhood dream of "some day owning Ankony". He not only purchased the Ankony herd, but also the name, trademarks and the Minatare Ranch facilities. It would be hard to have picked a buyer to carry on the great Ankony name with more enthusiasm and respect than Virgil Lovell.

From boyhood, Virgil Lovell has been a student of pedigrees. He has always followed the Ankony program closely.

During the 70s and through the 80s, Mr. Lovell was involved in breeding some of the most valuable and winningest cattle in the country involving Angus, Chianina, Brangus, Salers and Charolais. He was responsible for breeding two National Grand and Reserve Salers females, the Grand Champion Bull at the 10th Anniversary World Show and the Brangus Sire of the Year in 1986 and 1987. Also, three National Grand and three Reserve Charolais females, twice Premier Breeder and Exhibitor, two National Grand Champion Bulls and National Reserve Grand, and the highest averaging sale in the modern history of the Charolais breed. His Angus operation was responsible for sales that were always in the top five gross and average from 1979 through 1984 and was in the top three on our nationally competitive firms.

The new Ankony had broad purebred and commercial acceptance. Bulls for the commercial man and Ankonian seedstock were sought across the country. The Ankonian name continued in the pedigree of many successful Angus breeding cattle. Ankony, during this short time period, merchandised in excess of $11,000,000 worth of cattle. Ankony exhibited the Reserve Grand Pen and Carloads in Denver in 1994 and 1995.

The Ankony Name Lives On

In 1996, due to increasing business ventures and a limited schedule, Mr. Lovell returned the farm operation to the Lovell home place. Rich in cattle and purebred history, the Clarkesville farm was now home to the Ankony name. Under the intense leadership of Virgil Lovell, the purebred endeavors continue and the Ankony name will live on. Quality will still be the main focus and a love for the purebred business will always run deep in the roots at Ankony. Original Ankony history by Dale Runyan

Famous Angus Bulls


Lovana was one of the most influential common denominators in the Ankony Program as well as in the Angus breed. He sold for $1.3million in 1982

PS Power Play x Tail N 2163
DOB: 10/20/1980 | Reg # 9819973

Ankonian Dynamo

Ankonian Dynamo was admired by judges, purebred breeders and commercial cattlemen alike a truly great bull whose performance, individuality and ancestors made him unique in the cattle world.

He was easily the top performing bull in the 1970, Dynamo was a back to back National Champion at the 1972 and 1973 National Western Stock Show. He also won the title of Champion Bull at Chicago in 1972. His great size and muscularity set him apart.

Dynamo established a great legacy at Ankony and throughout the entire world. No sire has ever had a greater impact upon the breed.

Emulous Pride 70 x Miss Emulous B
DOB: 2/15/1970 | Reg # 6639770RFD

Emulation 31

Emulation was the most consistent sires of milk, calving ease and red meat in his time. He is the sire of Emulation N Bar 5522 who is the sire N Bar Emulation EXT. His influence is wide-spread and we are still seeing his offspring today. He is the grand sire of the famous EXT bull that is widely being used today.

FCR Elation Lad 652 x Miss Emulous 243
DOB:3/8/1968 | Reg #6064368 FX

Camilla Chance 37T "Canadian Colossal"

Western Canada became another source of new frontier genetics for Ankony. Select females were purchased from specific tribes to further enhance the Ankony program. Canada's leading sire, Canadian Colossal, became an Ankony sire, as did his famous son, Camilla Chance 46W; 46W's maternal brother Q-Bar; as well as the noted Bandoliermere GV13S. The Ankony Canadian unity instantly became a force also to be reckoned with

Bonnie Chance Blackman 35 x Camilla Anne

Ankonian President

Panarama of Eastfield x Pure Pride 4 of Gaidrew
DOB: 7/2/1962 | Reg # 3716364

Ankonian Sentry

Sentry was the 1980 National Western Stock Show grand Champion Bull. He carried an excellent performance blend of Emulous and Emulation blood. His sire, Tail N emulous 541, was an own son of the World Record Gainer, Emulous 30. His dam was a direct daughter of Dynamo, His second dam was sired by the noted Emulation 31.
Tail N Emulous 541 x Ankony B999 Lass 23 1B5
DOB: 4/14/1977 | Reg # 9124432

Ankonian Cornhusker

Ankonian Cornerstone x Ankony 8F78 Erica341B6
DOB:4/25/1980 | Reg # 9785532

Emulous Pride 70 - "Big 70"

Emulous Bod of K Pride x Gaines Lady
DOB: 12/12/1963 | Reg # 4285114 FX

Ankonian Elixir 100

Ankonian Elixir DB x Ankony Lass 206T
DOB: 10/15/1996 | Reg # 12758219

Famous Charolais Bull

BR-MF Krugerrand T752

BR CUJO RCH7 x BR-MF Lady Bobbie
DOB: 5/5/1985 | Reg # M255142

Famous Hereford Bull

Remitall Online 122L

Online was back to back Grand Champion Bull at the National Western Stock Show in 2002 and 2003.

Remitall Embracer 8E x Remitall Catalina 24H
DOB: 2/13/2001 | Reg # 42254672

Famous Brangus Bull

Lovana Wild Card

Wild Card was sire of the year 1985,1986,1987.

SIRW MS Warrant x MS GP Spirt 605/6
DOB: 9/3/1982 | Reg # R271670